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What are the benefits of your viscose from bamboo?

Not all viscose from bamboo sheets are the same. Similar to other textiles, there is every type of quality from terrible to unbelievably great. Cozy Earth isn’t just another sheets company. We only focus on producing the “unbelievably great” and avoid everything else. This is what has helped us develop a fiercely loyal customer base. We can’t speak for the other companies’ fabrics, but we have gone to great lengths to verify that our viscose from bamboo fabric and fiber is responsibly sourced, temperature regulating and wicks moisture while you sleep. With our bedding you sleep at the perfect temperature - never worry about hot flashes again!

Do you have any discounts going on right now?

From time to time we do offer promotions via email, so sign up for our email list and you’ll receive them too! One promotion we always have going is our bundles, where you can save an additional 5% when you purchase 3 or more items.

I noticed your Cozy Earth products are a bit more expensive than others out there, what’s the difference?

From a practical point of view, Cozy Earth fabrics are noticeably softer, longer-lasting, and better at regulating temperature than other products. It’s a difference you can feel in any side by side comparisons, even when compared to other viscose from bamboo sheets. We invest more in working directly with every single supplier from seed to finished sheet. This means we personally know and regularly communicate with the farmers, the fiber producers, the yarn makers and weavers, treatment facilities, bag makers, label makers…and so on. This access is unprecedented in the bedding industry and it allows us to make unique and better products that will never pill, shred, or change feel when washed. It’s premium-quality luxury bedding, acutely managed from start to finish. In addition, we personally ensure good working conditions and fair labor practices. Our fiber process recycles water and does not release waste into the environment. Additionally, we avoid the use of caustic chemicals unlike most brands. The result of all of this work is the softest and highest quality viscose from bamboo fabric, fiber, and silk made today.


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